Topic split: Stealth bolts on Anglesey (Read 3225 times)


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b: - I was in the same bay some time after and found a rock with lots of small ~6mm holes drilled in it.  It was in the days of 24v NiCd batteries and it was standard practice to completely drain your battery once you'd finished using it by drilling more holes prior to recharging it, as it maintained the life of the batteries.

I heard Jealous Pensioner was just an accumulation of attempts to drain drill batteries - they must have only had XXL drill bits that day. ;D


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Cross-posting this over here (where I should have asked the question...)

Now you can answer my prior question: are all the new bolts drilled and cemented there? And do you think any have been added, or are they just replacing old / removed bolts?

Yes theyíre cemented, and yes they will have had the placement drilled to accept the resin and the bolt. Itís not possible to say 100% for certain, without being there during placement, whether or not every one of them has been drilled because there *might* have been a nice convenient 12mm diameter 100mm deep hole in the part of the crack where the bolt is placed. Allowing it to have had the resin pumped in and then push in the bolt by hand (they arenít designed to be hammered due to being stainless). But what do you think the likelihood is of thatÖ

So there you are. Mountain crag trad-climbing with resin bolts protecting. Rhoscolyn sea cliff-climbing on resin bolts.
Thatís what weíre doing. Iím fine with it where it climbs well. What Iím not fine with is what appears to me to be a sort of complicit wilful ignorance surrounding these bolts. I think we should be honest about what these pieces of protection are, not spinning people some bullshit about them being pegs.

Stealth bolts on mountain crags too (Clogwyn Yr Adar and Castell Cidwm (the things at Cidwm are identical to the things at Adar, I wasn't peering too closely on the Central Wall crux (slopers in the sun!!) to check for resin glue....).

Next question is: Who is doing all this??


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Stealth pegs in the mountains, been going on since...Slochd Wall?  Drzzzz drzzzzz


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