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shootin' the shit / Re: U-S-A! The American Politics Thread.
« Last post by monkoffunk on Today at 11:04:04 pm »
Iíve been hearing that polling in swing voters suggests they donít like the idea of a convicted felon as president, but I donít have a solid source on that.
shootin' the shit / Re: U-S-A! The American Politics Thread.
« Last post by remus on Today at 10:12:35 pm »
Trump has been found guilty on all counts. Remarkable, doubly so as I suspect it won't seriously affect his chances in the election.
I gather it is hoped that the Cress-brook Mill bridge (usual access for Moat and WCJ Cornice) will be open before the end of the year. Though unlikely to be available for much (if any) of the usual climbing season.

I believe the Peak District National Park Foundation (a charity “established to raise funds to care for The Peak District National Park and make it more inclusive”) was pleasantly surprised by the success of their appeal. They raised £49k in total, including £12,024 raised via the Enthuse platform (plus gift aid). They are not seeking any more donations for this appeal but have many others.

The total cost of the contract for the work (being commissioned by the Peak District National Park Authority) was estimated at £180k.

The Authority has agreed to cover the removal costs of the existing structure (around £20,000) however the remaining funds will be need to sourced from alternative means.

It is anticipated that a large proportion of this will be covered by a Farming in Protected Landscapes (FiPL) grant which has Access as one of its key outcomes.
[source:[DELETE THIS]brook-mill]
By all means start another thread about the bridge, or about forum behaviour, but please keep it civil.,3145.0.html
music, art and culture / Re: Books...
« Last post by Wellsy on Today at 01:13:03 pm »
Yeah it's good isn't it, and very readable. I think it's also an interesting counterpart to the sci-fi themes of the time that were often about unique geniuses who could master anything they encountered through reason and moral fortitude. This is about very ordinary, if at times impressively competent, people encountering things that are very unknowable and I thought that was cool.
shootin' the shit / Re: House Buying Beta
« Last post by Tom de Gay on Today at 12:37:49 pm »
Could be that he thought underpinning on one side was indicative of a smaller localised issue.
shootin' the shit / Re: House Buying Beta
« Last post by mr chaz on Today at 12:07:49 pm »
yeah - I'm equally perplexed!
shootin' the shit / Re: House Buying Beta
« Last post by Paul B on Today at 11:37:04 am »
I can totally see that mechanism, I just don't see why having underpinned one wall and not fixed the issue being different to having underpinned two walls and being in that same situation, hence my question (genuinely interested).
shootin' the shit / Re: House Buying Beta
« Last post by mr chaz on Today at 11:28:20 am »
When I spoke to builders a few years ago about a potentially attractively priced underpinned property, they advised not to get involved with a house that has been underpinned on more than one side.

I'm interested in the logic behind this if you know it?  :coffee:

You’re the engineer, so I’m sure you have a good understanding, but thought I’d read previously that part underpinning to correct differential settlement can lead to a reverse of the situation, where the non underpinned bit starts to settle faster.

Depends on a few things including geology, what's driving the movement, its extent, age of building. Consolidation settlement can take a long time (years to decades) so I can see a situation where partial underpinning of a relatively new build that had one side on a good stiff clay and the other on soft alluvial clay could lead to that scenario and an apparent reversal. [totally hypothetical example - not saying this is applicable here in any way!]

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