Good physiotherapist needed for hip problem (Read 600 times)

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Good physiotherapist needed for hip problem
November 05, 2023, 04:47:07 pm
Whacked my outer hip / trochanter area 3 times in 3 weeks (bikes). The first 2 impacts led to moderate bruising and limping for a few days. The 3rd impact was the lightest of the 3, but a month later and I still can't walk up stairs without using a handrail and occasionally I'll just be walking and all of a sudden it feels like my leg pops out of the joint and stabs me in the side of the hip. Climbing isn't affected too much but dropping down hurts.

I'm not looking for a diagnosis but a good physio who knows hips, preferably in Leeds or surrounding areas. Google returns plenty of options, but I don't know how to tell a good one from a bad one (I assume if they offer services like accupuncture, then it's probably the later). I've been to physio's about other problems in the past with not very good results, so I'm slightly skeptical. 


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My partner has had a good experience with Nicky Francis, who works out of the Bannatyne Health Club near Cookridge - that was for post-surgery physio, but from what she said she also does sports injury stuff. We've been to a lot of physios over the last 18 months and the majority have been interested in but a bit clueless (clearly lots of googling and guesswork based on that) about this specific medical condition, whereas Nicky specialises in hips, knew all about it, and had had patients with it before. She's a bit brusque and no-nonsense (she once started an appointment by bollocking my partner for still being on crutches) but clearly knows her shit.


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If it's a real problem and you can't find the answer locally, I'd pony up and come to Stockport to see these guys:
Some team GB have been clients, they know their stuff.


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