Strange DIP joint (Read 460 times)


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Strange DIP joint
November 30, 2023, 01:12:48 pm
HI all,

Looking to see if anyone has experienced anything similar with their DIP joint.

I have an unusual problem with my middle finger joint. After a board session it became highly inflamed hot to touch, tender and the whole finger looked inflamed. The middle finger was swollen about 50-70% bigger than normal. This was about 6 months ago and I rested it for a week and it wasn’t painful returning to climbing but quite still large compared to other middle finger after a few weeks and still couple months later. Most of the swelling reduced in the whole finger but a small hard lump remained on the underside pad side of the finger above the joint.

Open handed hanging felt a little weird on a 20mm edge as pressure on that lump downwards caused strange sensation but not overly painful. Half crimp and full crimp felt ok so I continued to train and climb without issues until...

Again last week another crimpy board session produced the same symptoms again swelling hot to touch etc and increased inflammation and pain etc. The attached photos are from 5 days after this last board session. it is quite sore and painful on the sides of my finger not the usual areas when you have a pulley injury.

Anyone who might be able to shed some light on it before my physio appointment for proper diagnosis.

thanks in advance


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