Power Club 711 28 Aug - 2 Sept 2023 (Read 5233 times)

SA Chris

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#25 Re: Power Club 711 28 Aug - 2 Sept 2023
September 05, 2023, 01:00:18 pm
Thanks - hadnít come across those crags. Looks like the options in the low 7ís are limited though and thereís enough at Foron to keep me going.

If S fancied some low graded routes to climb, rather then just being belay bunny, the rock on the right of the slab at La Frasse is amazing (that's my foot in the UKC pic). 


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#26 Re: Power Club 711 28 Aug - 2 Sept 2023
September 05, 2023, 08:57:27 pm
M.  NYM bouldering.  Started at Clemmitts which I haven't been to for ~10 years.  Dirty and overgrown as no one climbs there after it was nonsensically banned a few years ago. 

and is still currently banned according to the RAD, does this need updating? Says negotiations were ongoing.

I think it probably does need updating, though not entirely sure to what.  Sorry PCers this is getting off topic, perhaps should post somewhere else....
My understanding is it's one of those venues that's now best approached as a 'don't ask, just go' situation.  There are clearly no good reasons for people to not boulder there.  There was a trials motorbiking competition event there last weekend with courses on and immediately adjacent to the boulders.  Scroll down the posts on this facebook page for videos.  The Danby Estate must've known about/sanctioned this event.  Personally, I don't immediately have a problem with people trials biking there, on organised days at least, but if that's deemed ok then I think it's fair to reason that people should be able to boulder there.
I might be wrong but I think when it was banned the locals avoided getting a dispute with the landowner as they also own Danby which I believe is also not on access land. They didnít want to piss the landowner off in case they lost access to Danby as most of the locals werenít bothered about bouldering.

Duncan Disorderly

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#27 Re: Power Club 711 28 Aug - 2 Sept 2023
September 06, 2023, 04:10:36 pm
Just getting round to it - think I missed a week... Club.

Tough times Wellsy - hope you're okay...

M: Drove t'Lakes with daughter
T: Helvellyn with daughter - Only made it up to Red Tarn as is was minging and Em didn't fancy Striding Edge in a cloud (she's 11)...
W: Paddling and swimming
T: Sheaf boulder - PE circuits.
F: Nowt
S: Drove t'Lakes again....
S: Helvellyn with GF - Proper shit weather but really wanted to go up there and Katie seemed keen... That was until we were wandering along Striding Edge without being able to see more than a foot in front of us and it hadn't stopped raining all day - sure tested her resolve. I loved every minute! :lol:

M: Paddling on Connistone
T: AeroCap @ AW - 18 routes up to F6b+
W: Moonboard (2019 @ 25) - Repeated soft 7A and did a new 6C benchie - Ace !
T: Rest
F: Moonboard (2019 @ 25) - Repeated soft 7A again (it's never 7A!) - Worked 7A benchie - hard!
S: Met up with some crazy idiots who thought bouldering on Stanage was a good idea! Got midged to fuck and bailed to Owler Tor - Was better but still shit - Did the circuit up there and went for a pint.
S: Wander int Peak....


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