Sucess Visualisation Space 466 4th - 10th Feb 2019 (Read 3239 times)


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Following on from Sharkathon, going to try to log more of what I do and hopefully plan a bit better too.

STG - Climb Fighting Torque.
Weight ~75kg.
MTG - Plan Spring Font trip
LTG - 7C

M - rest
T - Portland appears drenched in mist. Red spider, comp problems 1 hr; 6 laps on PE circuit, failing on last set; traversing for maybe 30 mins.
W - Max hangs. Limit was 10 secs bottom BM2000 rung 20kg. Can hang that for longer, but not increase weight. A bit tired though. 
T - Some hardish boulders and longer traversing. In the painful pump zone. Pre night shift.
F - Rest, Amsterdam to visit brother
S - Rest, too much Belgian beer.
S - Causal session in Het Lab bouldering wall in Amsterdam. Some reasonable volume and a few hard moves once hang over had settled.

Really been very bad on diet and booze since Christmas.


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Good tick that TT. First time I did it I used the fling yerself round the corner method too.

And highrepute - good to see the WIP footage. Rooting for ya.

Not much to report here myself - I’ve been having a few weeks of “psychus minimus” but am pre-announcing here and now my return to the fold and will have a blow by blow account this coming weekend.

Stay visualised folks!

I was forced to fingerboard last night, as couldn't make it to the wall, which made me think we hadn't had an update from you in a while. Glad the psyche is returning


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stg: finish current 6 week training bloc
mtg: 7C
ltg: 8A

M: rest
T: Moonboard, ticked 5 more benchmarks (2x7A, 2x6C, 1x6B+) followed by some weights training
W: rest
T: Parisella's, reacquainted with RA, got a few moves past the flake, felt a little tired going into the session so not bad for first session on it this year
F: rest
S: a couple more benchmarks on the Moonboard whilst warming up followed by max hangs - felt boxed!
S: partners birthday, ate so so much!

Feeling better after a few weeks off over xmas, NY and early Jan. Fingers are starting to feel stronger again and 4 weeks into max hangs. Feeling like I'm moving managed to tick 72 benchmarks off on the moonboard since mid january and now gonna start to look at getting outside more frequently again and getting some real ticks!


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M-Gym bench press maxed out on 8 reps of 60kg and seated leg press 8 reps of 130kg.  Felt like I had more in me but kept getting light headed.

T-Ran 5.5km after work then new purple set at the Valley.

W-should of rested but did some slab stuff at Valley.

Th-another 5.5km in 30mins.

F-Comp at Valley, best round yet, managed 26/30 problems but had mental blank and dropped points on some problems.  My final score was flattered when I got lucky and flashed the dyno.

S-easy session at Pool and then 5km run.

S-Bowden Doors where I struggled to keep warm in the wind, spent most the time jumping about to keep warm then by time my heart rate was back to normal I was cold again.  Ten weeks since I was last here trying Born Lippy 8A and now it’s been downgraded (and therefore easier) I was sure it would go but it still feels just as hard!  Start and finish now feeling pretty steady but keep getting spun off at the crux, just not quite getting heel or body position right.   

SA Chris

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Ten weeks since I was last here trying Born Lippy 8A and now it’s been downgraded (and therefore easier) I was sure it would go but it still feels just as hard! 

I like this logic.

SA Chris

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M – hill reps at lunch. 280 m in 9 k. Headwind to finish.
T – not much - trot to cubs
W – intervals session at lunch 5 x 3.5 mins at max speed. Hard. Bouldering session in evening. Not a lot to do, only comp probs still up, climbed OK though.
T – lunchtime yoga – 1hr
F – long run. 26 (well nearly 27, went wrong at the end) on Deesdie way. Grim – headwind and rain all the way out.
S – walk around Edinburgh.
S – boulder session at Alien Bloc 2, great facility, and only 15 min walk from city centre. Good setting an a nice size, but I guess it could get pretty crowded of an evening. Trashed, not resting enough as there is so much to go at.