Breathing and hard climbing (Read 3968 times)

Will Hunt

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#50 Re: Breathing and hard climbing
June 20, 2017, 03:15:30 pm
There's actually one glaringly obvious thing which Shark hasn't done yet which will lead to success on the Oak. He should arrive at Malham and warm up by holding a large edge at about waist height and bending his knees. He should then attempt the Oak and fall off either throwing to the horn or doing that top traverse.
He should then lower off and go for a walk to the top of the cove. This is the crucial bit. He mustn't be carried, he must walk and he must walk right to the top. Once there he can sleep if he chooses.
On returning back to the catwalk he should return to the waist level edge and hold it while bending his knees for 5 minutes.
He will then climb the Oak.

Oh dear. I have done all this. My warm pre-redpoint warm up includes doing various pulls on low undercuts, having a go then doing the walk. Does this mean there is no hope?

Hmmm. There must be something wrong with what you're doing. Are you looking at the view? I mean, really looking at it. You've got to look at it and FEEL something. You can't climb the Oak if you're empty inside.


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#51 Re: Breathing and hard climbing
June 20, 2017, 06:01:37 pm
No, you could replicate, and perhaps improve on,  what you did in autumn 2015?

I've already left it too late to set fire to my hand


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