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Photos on Apple devices
May 04, 2024, 10:04:19 am
I use an iPhone and iPad and don’t have a laptop. I’ve got loads of photos and I’d like to try and organise them a little.

I have to admit I’m a bit ignorant in my understanding of how the photo storage works. I’ve not tried to organise anything for about 15 years, back in the days of laptop & crappy digital camera. So please bear with me…

On a laptop, all of my photos would get either put directly into an album/folder once taken off the camera. Or if they were just in “My photos” I could move them into the relevant album/folder.

On my iPhone/iPad, everything is currently in “All photos”. I know I can make albums, and I have a few, but the photos still stay in “All photos”. This means that making an album is a pain as you are never reducing the number of photos that you have to go through and select from.

Am I missing anything obvious, or is that just how it works?

Is there a good way to organise photos without getting a laptop/mac, transferring all of the photos onto the hard drive, and then doing it similar to how I would have done 15 years ago?


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#1 Re: Photos on Apple devices
May 04, 2024, 10:26:42 am
The AI on Apple devices is quite good. If you search for a person, it will pull up almost every photo of that person in All Photos. Even, with growing children, quite old/much younger shots.
It’s not limited to people, pick an object and it will pull up every photo with that object in it.
Usually then, I’ll “Select All”, “Add to Album”, “new Album” and away you go.
I also linked my Apple photos to Google Photos, which has slightly different attributes. Also because I can slide show on my Google Chrome device plugged into my TV. Casting from Apple to most TVs is a pain. They want you to buy an Apple TV device.

I use the above a lot for tracking down photos I’ve taken at trade shows for products I think might be handy someday. And because I’m crap at sorting things out at the time, end up with hundreds of newer photos and …


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#2 Re: Photos on Apple devices
May 04, 2024, 06:52:31 pm
I'm no expert either (blind leading the blind) but as far as I know all of your photos on your apple devices will be saved to your a cloud via your account and therefore accessible from any device once you log into your Apple account. Saves manual transfer. You may have to buy extra storage to do this, I think I pay £0.99/month for about 200GB, but it does mean your photos are not just stored locally on the device. I've used 112GB of my allowance and have 13,000+ pictures and videos, if that helps to imagine how far 200GB goes.

Regarding All photos, I would think that will always contain all photos, but you can just navigate your folders from Albums on the bottom nav bar and then scroll sideways to see your albums


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