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Title: Meschia closed
Post by: Bubba on November 07, 2002, 01:15:44 pm
Unfortunately Meschia has been shut for the forseeable future.

To quote local boy Mauro Calibani (world champion boulderer with a new-found interest in hard-trad):

"Climbing is prohibited at Meschia for the moment, in the hope that this drastic solution will serve once again to show just how important it is to respect nature and the elementary rules of good behaviour."

So, we can only wonder what Jerry, Ben & Malc were up to there last week to cause this drastic measure :P

This is a shame, but people were warned to respect the place.
Title: Meschia closed
Post by: mark on November 07, 2002, 01:54:34 pm
Where did you read this? Any clue why it's been banned? A great shame.
Title: Meschia closed
Post by: Bubba on November 07, 2002, 02:03:09 pm

Yeah, 'tis a great shame but I suppose such a beautiful and sleepy place was bound to have problems if it became overrun by boulderers not treating the place properly. Things like no crapping, only sticking to paths, etc were bound to get ignored by some people, although this might not be the reason.
Title: Meschia closed
Post by: Pantontino on November 07, 2002, 09:17:40 pm
I've just spoken to Ray Wood who was there this last week with Ben and Malcolm. Unfortunately it is true. Another crag messed up by too many visitors it would seem.
Title: Meschia closed
Post by: Bubba on November 07, 2002, 09:40:17 pm
Did he have any idea of the specific reason(s) why it's been closed?

When we went there last winter a lot of the ground around the boulders was looking as sparce or worse than say, bits of the Plantation. Other than that it's easy to see how a lot of boulderers turning up would clash with the wishes of the locals - the place is a tiny hamlet high on the hill, ten miles from the nearest A-road and probably would have seen very visitors before the boulders were discovered.
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