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Butler as Shiherlis too, I was just talking with a mate the other day about him being perfect for that role as per the book.
get involved: access, environment, BMC / Gardoms Parking, car grounded on verge
« Last post by stone on Yesterday at 05:57:07 pm »
There was a car being towed by a recovery vehicle after grounding on the verge where people park for Gardoms North. The guy with the recovery vehicle said that he had previously done the same for other cars at that spot (just down from the layby that quickly fills up).

I just thought people might want warning of that. Also to me it's symptomatic of the general lack of parking and lack of public transport in the Peak.
Thanks to whoever recommended The Holdovers (Andy?). What a lovely, brilliant film.

It did nothing to diminish my fantasy of having a couple of years as a tweedy academic teaching a very obscure subject at a rural American university.

Also checked the movie news this morning to find that Michael Mann is about to start shooting Heat 2 with Adam Driver as the young Neil McAuley. The book is really good so fingers crossed for the film.
news / Re: AidanWad
« Last post by shurt on Yesterday at 09:40:39 am »
In the meantime, freshly released video from last year.

Andy posted it a couple of days ago

Missed that...
news / Re: AidanWad
« Last post by Bradders on Yesterday at 08:36:09 am »
I think Shurt means reported contemporaneously, as opposed to in a video published months (possibly over a year?) later. Considering that 8C is still perfectly newsworthy especially for a Brit, yet here's two which to my knowledge were completely unknown publicly till now. I don't think even Remus had these on climbing history until this vid!
news / Re: AidanWad
« Last post by Duma on Yesterday at 08:22:19 am »
In the meantime, freshly released video from last year.

Andy posted it a couple of days ago
news / Re: AidanWad
« Last post by shurt on Yesterday at 12:22:02 am »

In true Aiden style I'm not sure if some or all of these have been reported? Maybe they were done when he was there doing new midnight thing don't know. Great vid though
music, art and culture / Re: RIP
« Last post by tc on April 19, 2024, 11:02:27 pm »
I have very fond memories of Cliff. He was a gentle soul. RIP Captain.
music, art and culture / Re: Anyone seen any good films lately - Part the second
« Last post by TobyD on April 19, 2024, 05:09:53 pm »
Kong Skull Island , gloriously silly entertainment. Don't expect to be intellectually challenged but it is fun to watch. I wouldn't have gone to a cinema to see it, but since it's on Netflix, it's worth watching.
bouldering / Re: Quality Bouldering Videos (part I)
« Last post by remus on April 19, 2024, 04:45:04 pm »
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