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It is a python package for starters, you will need a python env set up somewhere. You can clone (copy) the python code and then run it in your python environment.

There is a walkthrough of how to get craters from moon data:

If you haven't used python before it won't be overly straightforward. No idea what it is like if you have as I haven't tried it.

If anyone does get it working for bouldering, it would be cool to add an idiots how to (for me).
power club / Re: Power Club 729. 27 Nov - 3 Dec
« Last post by Rocksteady on Today at 09:47:59 am »
6b+ at the wall usually translates to 6c+ on rock or a low 7 redpoint. Will be interesting to see if the better numbers hanging off a strip of wood translate into climbing any better.

Interesting, that is almost exactly the relationship I have with Westway grades and outdoor grades.
Cool, Will test it later on some erratics i have discovered in the past deep in the Cairngorms.

OK, I had a look and...... I haven't got a clue what it is and how you use it. Anyone care to enlighten me?
abroad / Re: Granada trip report
« Last post by slab_happy on Today at 07:47:46 am »

It's not, you know? It's really not. The mosque in the cathedral is OK but only that; the Jew-stuff (the most important, natch) is really disappointing. Heaven knows how many times I read the 'thirteen articles of faith' and Maimonides' commentaries. So was excited to visit only to be met with that crap statue of Rambam. An hour would be stretching it.

Stick to Seville.

My apologies, I wasn't clear, I meant the history of the Caliphate of Cordoba and the way different religions got on well and how arts and science flourished under their Islamic rule....probably the greatest intellectual flourish of any medieval empire. There are also good talks on the subject from Jim Al Khalili  on YouTube (the Iplayer copies are sadly no longer available)

You may have read it already, but I remember really enjoying Maria Rosa Menocal's book on Al-Andalus, The Ornament of the World.
Quote from: Benjamin Franklin
In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes and climbers being too lazy to walk do long walk ins.
abroad / Re: Granada trip report
« Last post by abarro81 on Yesterday at 11:40:10 pm »
We went to Cauche one day on a trip when Rosario was wet, thought it was a bit shit, drove 2hrs everyday to climb at Otinar (Jaen) which was dry instead... If you like vert maybe it's better?
shootin' the shit / Re: Cars, Cars, Fucking CARS !!
« Last post by nic mullin on Yesterday at 11:10:46 pm »
I didn’t look at anything other than estates to be honest, but lots of miles and more money than I’d like were a common theme. Also real dearth of private sellers. I assume this is because of we buy any car etc.

Last time I looked for cars on FB marketplace (a couple of years ago) there were definitely fewer obvious scams (copy pasted text, or the same pictures appearing in multiple ads from different sellers), but lots of people selling cars that they didn’t own, for income, posing as private sellers.

I don’t think there’s any timeline for extending the Sheffield ULEZ to private vehicles, but I remember in the run up to it being introduced lots of people saying that it was a “when”, not an “if”.

shootin' the shit / Re: Automated detection of boulders from satellite imagery
« Last post by dunnyg on Yesterday at 10:49:17 pm »
Don't worry, no one will climb anything more than 30 minutes from the road still.
shootin' the shit / Re: Automated detection of boulders from satellite imagery
« Last post by Snoops on Yesterday at 10:40:15 pm »
Great no more quiet spots
abroad / Re: Granada trip report
« Last post by Steve R on Yesterday at 08:29:03 pm »
Any opinions on Villanueva del Cauche?  Has the benefit of being in the rockfax guide, looks good?
Considering heading to this area after Christmas for a bit but, having spent a lot of time in/around Chorro in the past, looking at staying Antequera-ish and focussing more on Rosario, Archidonna  and Loja.  Looks like there's still a decent section of Loja open (Perros de Presa in particular sounds great).  Where's best to check for bird ban status for these crags?
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