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power club / Re: Power Club 689 20th - 26th March
« Last post by dunnyg on Today at 10:35:18 pm »
I'm keen for a rematch with Bull rider, so giz a shout if there will be some pads going...
I always thought the bouldering seeped quite badly. Clearly not if its dry now. Shows what I know.
beta - bouldering / Re: Crit'Air (driving in Paris) beta
« Last post by Sidehaas on Today at 10:19:06 pm »
I did this last year and it was actually quicker than the website suggested. The sticker arrived in under a week. The process is annoying though I agree.
About to visit La Pedriza and planning a couple of days in Madrid, which has a similar scheme. Completely given up on working out how to get a pass for that sent to the UK, I couldn't find any sensible guidance in English anywhere. We will just park at the edge and get a train/metro or something. Makes the Paris system seem straightforward!
Is it possible to boulder in the rain there, assuming it's not seeping?
chuffing / Re: Multipitch stuff: What's in your bag (of tricks)?
« Last post by petejh on Today at 09:59:00 pm »
The times Iíve used a tagline have been on long alpine routes in New Zealand where access was on foot via no-fly valleys, so involved a two day walk in to a hut then 24hrs on a route. So weight of gear being carried in was a consideration as all food etc for 4-5 days plus gear required. In that context a tag line made sense, for the routes being climbed.
But I agree that theyíre normally more faff, especially on lower angles abseils, and donít do many things much better than than a pair of modern skinny ropes.
Cheers, might well go Saturday then!
power club / Re: Power Club 689 20th - 26th March
« Last post by moose on Today at 09:40:48 pm »
I'd be up for a trip / group padding session too.  Matador's probably too hard for me, but I'd be keen to soak up beta on the off-chance I ever become stronger (also, I've only been there once before - did Bull Rider, but keen to do Bull Wrangler).
chuffing / Re: Multipitch stuff: What's in your bag (of tricks)?
« Last post by Fultonius on Today at 09:28:22 pm »

A friend working as a guide in Chamonix has belayed clients with micro traxion in place of reverso/hms for many years.
Having heard many stories of various guiding practices around the world (and knowing some guides in Chamonix - Chris say hi etc.  :wave: ) I wouldn't be at all surprised that it being a 3:1 system half pre-rigged would be one of the major selling points for them doing it this way, means they can get an the haul before the poor punter even has a chance to ponder how to do the move....


@Fultonius & Johnny Brown
The only point of climbing with a thin tag-line is that it works as a haul line so you do not have to climb with a back pack. It is a lot harder to follow a vertical limestone pitch climbing with a light back pack than to lead the same pitch without. On complex steep terrain I climb with doubles + rad line, then the rappelling is easier of course.

I'm slightly more bought into a radline or anything that can be abseiled on rather than a pure tag - for me I'd probably go 7mm or even 8mm in my ideal hauling setup - hauling any weight on a super skinny line is also just horrible. I'm not sure I've ever actually failed on a route because my ropes have been too heavy, but I did nearly fail on the top crack of Sunshine crack because I didn't have half ropes and the rope drag was chronic...

Either way... the most important thing is having a system you and your partner both a familiar with and don't hate... Most of the rope system failures I've experienced or know of from friends were trying out something new on a big route.
Bouldering is all dry. Routes are still gopping.
chuffing / Re: Multipitch stuff: What's in your bag (of tricks)?
« Last post by Fultonius on Today at 09:11:39 pm »
 Just relaised I said Paul when I meant JB. Soz.
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