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shootin' the shit / Re: It never ends... the DIY thread!
« Last post by James Malloch on Today at 09:34:28 pm »
Our lodger just messaged saying there had been a power cut. The electric oven isnít working, but the grill goes on fine.

Iíve asked him to make sure the clock is reset (apparently one of the most common problems when this happens).

If this doesnít work, any ideas what could be the problem? I assume that they have the same fuse with it being a combined unit? The hob is a separate gas one.
We just watched Summit of the Gods.
My wife's review: "that was absolutely wank".
music, art and culture / Re: RIP
« Last post by mrjonathanr on Today at 08:19:12 pm »
Probably the most unique / best pub in the country IMHO. Still is.
Every time I go in with my mates we laugh and talk about the experience for weeks afterwards!!

One afternoon nearly 19 years ago I took a girl I had recently started seeing into that pub on a sunny afternoon, saying how charming it was. It was dark inside, and the barman was engaged in conversation with the only customer. Next to him, stretched out on the bar, were two very fat, very dead rabbits.

She didn't hang around for a drink. God knows how she's still with me now.
shootin' the shit / Re: Politics 2020
« Last post by JamieG on Today at 05:56:09 pm »
Hard to believe it's not actually an onion article. Satire is truly dead!

This was the best bit.

"Johnson has also rewritten the foreword to the code, removing all references to honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability."

Tells you everything really.
music, art and culture / Re: TV/iplayer must watches
« Last post by TobyD on Today at 05:49:29 pm »
Although most people, including many critics thought highly of Truffle Hunters, I wasn't that taken with it to be honest. Certainly, some of the cinematography is beautiful, especially the opening shot, but I felt that it really failed to create enough story to give it any narrative drive. For me I thought it was reasonably pleasant wallpaper TV but not really any more. I can see its appeal though, perhaps I was just in the wrong mood.
music, art and culture / Re: Techno Techno Techno Downloads
« Last post by Wellsy on Today at 05:04:06 pm »
You know what slaps? Acid techno

Got this on the headphones while spreadsheeting, getting me psyched up

music, art and culture / Re: TV/iplayer must watches
« Last post by sheavi on Today at 03:55:44 pm »
Prince of Muck - BBC iPlayer.  A lovely little cinematic documentary about Lawrence MacEwen, the elderly owner and laird of the Isle of Muck. Elegiac in tone and beautifully shot. Loved it.

Thanks really enjoyed Prince of Muck.  Will watch theTruffle Hunters too soon.

PS - Did anyone else watch the Truffle Hunters that I shared earlier? Itís absolutely brilliant.
music, art and culture / Re: Books...
« Last post by andy popp on Today at 03:28:12 pm »
I just finished a superb book, Marguerite Yourcenar's Memoirs of Hadrian. The Emperor Hadrian looks back over his life in a series of letters to his chosen successor, Marcus Aurelius. In one sense, a panoramic survey of Hadrian's reign (no doubt very deeply researched), it is a much more a study of how we understand our lives and humanity and, in the end, a deeply moving meditation on mortality.

I'd never heard of it before - it was my wife's pick - I was slightly sceptical, but found it immediately compelling. Hadrian is so instantly present, his voice so complete and believable, that I was swept along from the first page. Highly recommended.
shootin' the shit / Re: Recent wildlife sightings
« Last post by slab_happy on Today at 02:58:33 pm »
Just saw my first swifts of the year. Lovely. The sound of them especially makes me think of summer.

Also recently saw loads of sand martins over the boating pond in Stamford Park in Stalybridge. Had never noticed them there before. Wonder if they are there all summer long.

Interestingly about a week ago saw two ring-necked parakeets flying over the centre of Stalybridge. I know there is a decent population in South Manchester, but they must be spreading out this direction too. Hard to know how to feel about them. I kind of like them since they are colourful, charismatic and noisy, but I do appreciate they are an invasive species which is not usually a good thing.

Gist seems to be that a wary eye is being kept because they could potentially crowd out native species from various niches, but they've been here for a while and don't seem to be having a major negative impact so far at least.

Might as well enjoy them, since they're here! The ones in Kensington Gardens have trained the tourists to feed them at a specific tree; if you go there and hold out birdseed in your hands, they'll fly down and perch all over you.
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