the most cock talk thread you can think of (hypothetically) (Read 6926 times)


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a genuine one I'm afraid, something like:

 "I have started climbing at my wall.  It is great and I have now bought a chalk-bag! But I keep running out of chalk.  I think I should put more in, but then I am afraid I might spill some.  I cannot find any instructions, how much chalk do you put in your chalk-bag?"

What made this almost unbearably bad was that the poster was 30+ years old.  I cannot imagine how anyone can get to that age with so little self-confidence that they need reassurance to acquire the devil-may-care attitude to chalk-usage needed to figure-out their optimum bag fill-level.

Mind you, at least it was vaguely climbing related... along with all of the usual bugbears of a "can anyone recommend a really well-protected E4 slab with easy 5a moves"  nature. 

But, the threads that REALLY piss me off are the horrible touchy-feely ones along the lines of:

 "why do people feel the need to bully those who are different",
"my boss does not appreciate my uniquely sensitive nature and puts me down, what can I do?" 

Frankly some of these people sound so determinedly wet that they deserve everything they get... and why use a climbing forum?  Don't they have any friends... or a local pub... or even a cat?  Surely they all own bloody cats... lovingly fed on Sheba whilst their owner imagines which food intolerance would best show how sensitive and out of kilter they are with the harshness of the modern world.


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Moose, I think the current one is;

UKC a hot topic at - Mick Ryan UKC News


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UKC a hot topic at - Mick Ryan UKC News

I think that was predictable really, given that Mick is some kind of automatic hyperlink between the two sites.  And that he loves stirring. 


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what about. "what i like about mike ryan"

might be a short thread.


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This whole forum rivalry thing is a bit stupid - I used to slag rocktalk but then I realised that all you need to do is stop reading it and then it doesn't wind you up any more. Easy solution.

There's plenty of room for different styles of forums - it's unlikely that one particular site will ever satisfy everyone's needs, so if you don't like one then just move along.


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