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A peculiar leaning arete between Diamond Arete and the Mohican Area; the right arete of the Thievery roof boulder. Hop onto the arete and udge via a pebble to a crimp high up and left. I'm a bit incredulous at how well tailored this is. If the lozenge shaped pebble wasn't there for your thumb I don't think it would work, if the thumb undersprag wasn't there it would be harder, the LH pebble is in just the right place, if the crimp wasn't there it might be impossible. All of that decided by a few ripples in a riverbed millennia ago. Perfection. I could weep.

I'd just had a big fight with a dead tree which resulted in a broken bow saw and a (largely) intact tree and I'd done some brushing, no decent warm up, second day on etc etc etc so the grade will be bollocks. If you've a much smaller span than 187cm then you're going to have to come up with something else; if you're longer then you might find it much easier.

Combines well with the Far East, Diamond Arete, and I cleaned up two brilliant slab problems on the Mohican Area just to the right. There's more to do there but needs TLC.



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