Getting photos printed....... (Read 1106 times)


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Getting photos printed.......
April 12, 2021, 08:32:57 am
Iíve really started to enjoy my photography and fancied getting a few of my favourite photos printed instead of having them stuck on a cloud service/peered at on a screen every so often. So, I have many questions......

1. Where should I get them printed? Size wise, Iím thinking 24Ē by 13Ē for some 16:9 images I have. Are there any online printers that are good and reasonable? Does it matter?
2. Paper - There seems to be an inordinate amount of options. Any tips on what they all mean/look like?
3. Exporting from Lightroom mobile, I get options for Output sharpening (Iím guessing I go with Glossy paper?), the amount of sharpening (high?) and the colour space (sRGB?) Is this sensible/does it matter?

Any help much appreciated as Iím a punter at all this.

SA Chris

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#1 Re: Getting photos printed.......
April 12, 2021, 08:42:56 am
1) I've used Loxley Print in the past and liked the quality, but there are other smaller specialists who can do a more bespoke service.

2) Depends if you intend putting it in a glass frame or not, I think. If it's for putting on the wall, consider aluminium prints too, means you don't need to add in framing costs if you don't want to. I know some people don't like the finish though.

3) Not a clue! It might be worth getting your hands on a screen calibration spider or getting a smaller print done first to make sure you are happy with colours.

Paul B

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#2 Re: Getting photos printed.......
April 12, 2021, 11:04:51 am
I used to use InFrame in Sheffield and still would if I was local but I've now adopted:

I use:
Fuji Velvet Professional Paper (Flat Matt) for bigger stuff (I've got two fairly large panoramic prints with this that I think look great)
Lustre for smaller stuff

Are you thinking of mounting/framing them? If so, glossy stuff can be a bit of a nightmare.

You'll need to check what the company you send them to require in terms of colourspace:

With LR (EDIT: sorry I see you're using mobile, does it have this option?) you can download the printer profiles/paper profiles and soft proof your work (there are plenty of online tutorials for this). Things always seem to print a lot darker than I expect.

You'll also want to think about glass if you're mounting the print. I've got some mounted with 'art' glass which was a bit eye-wateringly expensive but my local framers (Clitheroe) has something similar at more reasonable prices.

Johnny Brown

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#3 Re: Getting photos printed.......
April 12, 2021, 11:31:44 am
I used to do a lot but less recently. Used to use Peak, but they 'optimise' your colours. Used Inframe since who let me go in and do test prints. Had a load of tests from Loxley which were very good too.

24" x 13" is quite big by the time it is framed. Assume you have plenty of wall space?

Gloss is a traditional photo print look. If it is for a traditional frame under glass I'd consider matt or ideally cotton rag. I really like the look of well prepped files on cotton paper, completely matt with a bit of texture but holds detail very well. Gloss under glass gives you two sets of reflections.

If you don't want a trad frame consider either canvas or metal. A small file will go a lot bigger on canvas (150ppi) as there's no fine detail. Opposite on metal, you need sharp files and don't push them beyond 240ppi.

Output to sRGB unless you're very confident of the pathway. When I go to Inframe I can put adobe RGB straight into the raster software but otherwise play it safe. Out of box colour calibration seems a lot better than it used to be, the soft proof in Lightroom is useful but really needs screen calibration and a profile from the printer. Typically it will look a bit flatter and duller than a normal screen view so you have to boost those a bit.


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#4 Re: Getting photos printed.......
April 12, 2021, 05:17:21 pm
Another shout out for Loxley, I was just getting some phone shots printed 6x9 but was v happy with how the matt finish ones turned out

mr chaz

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#5 Re: Getting photos printed.......
April 13, 2021, 09:49:07 am
I've used Peak Imaging for a number of prints, always been happy with the results. You can opt out of any colour corrections or enhancements when you place an order with Peak. As a low skilled amateur shooting natural landscapes I've always opted in, i.e. 'Lab optimised', and been very happy with the results which look close to the image on my screen. Can't say I've experimented much with papers and finishes but Satin Matt under cheap glass has done me fine!


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