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free training application
May 12, 2017, 08:30:52 pm
hey UKB!

trying to teach myself some fullstack web dev, and have made a little training app to help aid recording & timing of hangboarding, campus routines and general climbing activity e.g. circuits, blocs, routes etc

I've set it so that you use Oauth2 for login & account creation (just use one of your main social media handles to create a free account!), the profile page will show you the data you record in interactive charts & tables , but I've also create a function to export each table to an Excel spreadsheet as I'd imagine the nerds will prefer this!

Hope you find it useful?

I will do a little more dev work on it over the summer when I find time, so any bugs/ new feature requests/general comments etc just drop me a line at (as I'm not always checking these forums)

 anyway, here is the APP