Master of the rolls for shorties? (Read 1900 times)


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Master of the rolls for shorties?
August 15, 2011, 03:09:05 pm
Is there a way for shorties to do this?

 I'm 5'9 with slightly negative ape index, and on full stretch with the lower arm locked at chest level i'm still miles from the next hold.  :wall:

Can't high-step as with feet on the face below the roof the lip comes to around my belly. Can't get any close to the hold even campus/dynoing from the jugs. Heel hooking on the left is the closest i am to the hold, but not enough arm span. Heel hooking on the horny jug i can reach the poor sidepull, but it's useless as i'm facing the wrong way to use it. Tried mantling matching heel to hand on the left jugs and right hand in the horny jug but can't turn the hand to push because of the horny nature of the hold.

I think i tried everything. Any ideas how to go about it?


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