2 arm vs 1 arm hang discrepancy (Read 2758 times)


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#50 Re: 2 arm vs 1 arm hang discrepancy
February 18, 2019, 11:03:48 pm
I'm amazed everyone is so even left and right...

I was thinking the same. Last I checked, I could easily hang 7 kg more on my RH compared to my left.


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#51 Re: 2 arm vs 1 arm hang discrepancy
February 18, 2019, 11:07:40 pm
I'm was equal to within my smallest plate (1.25kg) when doing hangs this afternoon.


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There's a .75kg difference between my stronger and weaker arm.


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How even I am depends on the hold I use.

On the lattice rung, I take off 5kg on my left hand but 9.5kg on my right.

On the Beastmaker middle slot, it is 4.25kg on my left and 4.75kg on my right.  :shrug:

I'm not sure if the difference is due to the lattice rung being more open handed and the beastmaker being more positive or whether maybe the difference is down to my shoulders.

The two lattice rungs I have used have a central pulley quite far back from the rung,making the hang a bit side on and bringing in a slight element of compression. The 3 beastmakers I have access to all have pulleys close to the board approximately in line with the outside slots, this puts you in a more front on position as you hang.


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1.5kg difference for me between left an right.

Lower slots on BM1k -

2 arm max hangs +37.5kg @83kg. 120.5kg total.
1 arm LH - 18kg
1 arm RH - 16.5kg
avg 17.25kg

120.5/65.75 = 1.83

I always though my shoulders were the reason i couldn't dead hand one arm that well but the score i get as a percentage of max suggests other wise.

Hopefully this means if i increase the two handed load to 141kg or lose 18kg i will get there as i am not a fan of one arm hangs as i often seem to tweak my neck/shoulder doing them. Hanging one arm off a bar feels brutal at my age.


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If we're talking about hanging edges, surely there is a difference between two - and one - arm hangs in the way fingers are loaded? You pull straight down on one hand - not the case with two. You're almost doing a very slight compression when hanging with two hands, which is surely going to introduce a bit of lateral force on your grip and make it harder..